Importance of First Impression in Job Interviews

Looking for a suitable job and feeling naive when it comes to your very first job interview? Or you are afraid of experiencing this situation? Surely, for a new job-seeker, the first interview can be nerve-wracking!

Take it easy! The first thing that you need to consider is your ‘first impression’ that you’re going to make on your employer. Make sure your first impression elevates your rapport-building when you first meet with your employer. Your professional capabilities are evaluated by recruiters through your first impression that forms perceptions of your professional competence.

According to research your first impression can assure the employer that you are the best fit for the company right after the

90 seconds of the meeting.


Initially be a good listener to the questions of your interviewer. Make sure you listen well before responding. And try to keep your answers short!

Keep it cool

Stay genuine and don’t boast about your strengths and competencies. Bragging about your inanimate strengths are surely not going to impress your recruiter.


Make sure you put a smile on your face when greeting your interviewer.

'40% of interviewers consider lacking a smile is a good enough point to not hire a candidate'

The Outfit

Wisely choose your outfit! Your professional attire will add up to your confidence. Choose a dress colour that suits your complexion and try to wear minimal accessories. You can get a fresh haircut or just a little trim to refresh your look.

Be Creative

Stay creative when giving answers as 21% of the employers look for employees having creative thinking skills.

The Research

Make sure you have researched well about the company and its operations to prove yourself a good match to the firm. 47% of recruiters want their potential candidates to have thorough knowledge of the company.

With these tips in mind, you can prove yourself to be the culture-fit potential employee in the eyes of your interviewer.