Why Culture Matters in Business

In a world of job seekers where they have so many employment options, businesses need to set themselves apart by having a great company culture. A culture that makes employees and potential customers fall in love with the company and help drive business success.


Do something out of context for maintaining a work-life balance that will motivate your employees and help you retain them.

Business culture lays down the foundation for every operation in the company. Such as how the team will communicate internally, what kind of candidates it will hire and the way it will treat its customers. At each step, ensure that your company culture radiates your core values and find talent that complements those values. Employees are more productive, make positive relationships with co-workers and enjoy work when they feel their values and needs are consistent with those of the company.

If you have just stepped into the corporate world and are willing to set up your own business, or you are just worried about the declining success of your business.

'Culture has the power to either make or break your company'

Make sure your business culture is up to the mark and you follow these tips:

Have Fun

Keep your company culture alive by adding some fun into it. Try to engage employees in activities that refresh them from their tiring work routines. Give employees the freedom to relax and have fun!

Team is the Key

Think of all your employees working as a team and try to build a sense of belongingness among them to foster a collaborative culture. So that employees feel encouraged and share their creative ideas.


Being a company owner, you certainly know the worth of creativity. Be sure that your company adds on to employees’ creativity.

Strong business culture aids you in keeping your best talent by ensuring employee engagement, and satisfaction. Employees who feel participated stay longer than employees who feel like a mere ‘cog in the wheel’. So nurture your business culture. Don’t cling tightly on to it and give freedom for it to evolve.

Hard to believe? Let the numbers speak!

“Happy employees are 12% more productive than unhappy and disengaged employees’