Success Story

When the company I worked for went into administration, I was a bit lost. I had worked there for 5 years, enjoyed the role, I loved people I work with and felt valuable, I saw my future there. And now I was going to have to find a new job. I spent hours trailing through the job sites, applying for loads, hearing back, attending interviews, got selected in more then I expected but finding the right culture was so crucial for me that I knew I couldn’t accept ‘A JOB’, I needed ‘THE JOB’, the job I will enjoy and progress pIus I was not after the money. I was starting to get a bit worried getting closer to my last day at my amazing job. Have I set my expectation too high? I wasn’t having any luck, when, to mix the search up a little, my partner decided he was going to pick some out for me to apply to, one of which was via Darwus, and I’m so glad he did. Magdalena got in contact with me, and we arranged to meet up for a coffee. She was professional and made me feel calm and like I had known her forever.

"I went in for a meeting with the bosses and I knew it was what I was after all this time!"

I went in for a meeting with the bosses and I knew it was what I was after all this time! I got the offer and without hesitation I accepted the job. The whole process with Darwus was so quick and seamless that I finished at my old job on a Friday and started my new dream job on the Monday.

It has been exactly what I needed. Everyone is friendly and it has got the family feeling I have been used to for the past 5 years (considering I used to work with my actual family, this is a big feat). I feel like I am a valued member of the team and I think the bosses really care for every employee.

It’s been 6 months now and I’m pleased and gratefully for the opportunity I was given. Even during COVID19 I never felt left out. I’m now supported by my employer to obtain full HR qualification which is so exciting for me. I can only progress and let you know what’s out there for me in the next few years.